My goal is to provide the highest quality real estate services to the residents of the town I was raised in. Growing up on Lake Maspenoc has given me a first hand appreciation of what the town has to offer. It is a community in which a majority of my family & friends still resides, and many more want to move back too. 

My cousin Joe and I started the company almost 10 years ago, and with a deep sense of pride we decided to name it after a street that his father and my mother grew up on, Hayden Rowe Street.

Hayden Rowe Properties is a real estate brokerage that can offer clients value with our personal experiences and deep knowledge of the town along with cutting edge resources for anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home in Hopkinton. 

Our overall sales volume doubled in 2014 because we do more than the average agent and have the experience to advise sellers and buyers to make to good decisions. Our clients have recognized the quality and high level of services we provide by continuing to recommend us to the people they care about.

That is a little background on us, so if you are considering selling your property or looking to purchase a new one, we would love the opportunity to work with you!  Contact Me


     Peter Edwards